What are the advantages of using SEPAone?

SEPAone is a SEPA Direct Debit enabler. Our focus is on providing Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Merchants with the proper tools, so they can offer Direct Debits to their clients. Think of SEPAone as Stripe for Direct Debit in Europe. We have created a simple way for businesses to set-up and accept Direct Debit payments over the internet and through multiple platforms.

SEPAone was founded by entrepreneurs who have years of experience in the payments industry. We learned a great deal about Direct Debit from the likes of PayPal and Amazon, and strongly believe in its future.

To put it simply, here is why you should use us:

  • Great User Experience. We provide native integration (no redirects) for both online and mobile checkouts
  • Simplicity. No intermediaries, no wallets, no passwords. IBAN/BIC is also not required. We automatically calculate this from the Account number/Sort code
  • Easy integration with RESTful API.
  • Peace of mind. We handle chargebacks and reminders.
  • No Bank integration is needed.
  • Cross platform. PC, Mobile and Tablets.
  • Mandate Management. We handle creation, modification and cancellation of all Mandates
  • Advanced Features. Easy refunds, reconciliation, debtor management, reminders through eMail and Snail Mail
  • Transaction Handling. Both CORE and COR1, standard checks, pre-notification emails.
  • R-Transaction Handling. Receiving R-Transactions from banks, generating reports, helping Businesses handle refund claims.
  • Panel. An overview dashboard (Mandates, Customers, Transactions and Refunds), Transaction stream, search functionality, etc.